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Here it is - the next Kelly O'Connell Mystery!

Deception in Strange Places

A woman desperately seeking her biological mother, a televangelist determined to thwart that search, a hired hit man, and in the midst of it all, a reclusive diva who wears Chinese silk gowns and collects antique Chinese porcelain. Kelly has gotten herself involved in a dangerous emotional tangle this time, and Mike doesn’t tell her to back off, even when events take them from Fort Worth to San Antonio.
Kelly O’Connell’s in trouble—and danger—again, this time lured there by her compassion for people. And though her life has been threatened before but she’s never been the target of a professional hit man with a high-powered rifle. And all she has is her handgun to protect herself and her family, and the women she has undertaken to help. This is an emotional albeit danger-loaded, situation for Kelly.
I love being back in Kelly’s world, with her immediate and extended family—lots of characters who now feel like family to me too. With all their quirks and oddities, they all love Kelly and want to see her safe. I hope you’ll laugh and cry with Kelly.

Due out July 31 as an ebook, with print to follow.

Find a buy link at http://www.judyalter.com or on Amazon here.
Dru Ann L. Love's Praise for Danger Comes Home:
"This is the best one yet in the series and I look forward to more adventures with Kelly and her friends."
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